Protect Your Customers
Against the Next Big Cyber Attack

Flowsec delivers the most secure defense against large-scale “Denial-of-Service” (DDoS) cyber attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are the most common type of cyber threat on the Internet

A DDoS attack is an extremely easy and inexpensive way of causing an Internet website to crash. The impact of a DDoS attack on your customers can be devastating leading to operational downtime, low quality of service, loss of revenue and damage to brand reputation.

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Approximately 90% of Internet sites
are not protected against DDoS attacks
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of all Internet traffic is related
to DDoS attacks
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DDoS attacks Iin H1/2021 up by
11% compared to 2020
Neutralize DDoS attacks
at the “Earliest Point of Entry”

Conventional cyber security solutions try to contain a DDoS attack with expensive on-premise equipment or by diverting traffic to a cloud service leading to high latency and delay. In contrast, Flowsec delivers a cloud-based, "always-on" solution that mitigates DDoS threats at the earliest point of entry to enable free-flow of traffic and maximum utilization of bandwidth.

Increase visibility and control to improve your  resilience and security posture

Gain access to a powerful and intuitive cyber security dashboard to improve risk management, ensure business continuity and maintain a high quality of service across your entire network.

Make sure your customers stay up and running in times of crisis

DDoS attacks are a genuine threat to your business, revenue, and brand . FlowSec technology prevents malicious attacks on your infrastructure and customer websites.

Fast DDoS Threat Detection

Identify any type of DDoS attack sent from an infected router source with 18 seconds.

Early-Point Mitigation

Isolate infected traffic across connected service providers at the Earliest Point of Entry.

No Network Latency

Traffic flows freely without re-routing to an alternative server and no intervention in user data.

AI-Driven Security Policies

Deploy automated DDoS security policies to protect web services wherever they are hosted.

Simple No Fuss Operation

Connect to an intuitive cloud-based application to identify potential DDoS threats.

Affordable Low Cost Pricing

FlowSec offers flexible SaaS based pricing models for both single and multi-tenant customers

Trusted by leading Service Providers

Flowsec delivers a SaaS based DDoS protection solution built for large scale Internet Service Providers (ISPs), datacenters, enterprises and cloud hosting service providers.

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Flowsec offers affordable solutions to ensure your customers are fully protected against DDoS  security threats and risks.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Flowsec delivers a SaaS based DDoS protection solution built for large scale Internet Service Providers (ISPs), datacenters, enterprises and cloud hosting service providers.

No, there is a huge difference. The use of a Blackhole network is a common method but it blocks all  traffic sent to the destination. The actual result is similar to a denial of service. In contrast, the FlowSec method enables you to keep your services up and running because only the specific attack source is blocked.
No, FlowSec does not divert or re-route any of your traffic. Therefore, no additional latency is expected.
No. FlowSec is a software solution deployed in the cloud. There is no need to purchase or install any addition equipment  or devices.
Yes we do. FlowSec delivers a fully operational multi-tenant system. This means that each customer has a dedicated portal to manage services for individual customers.
FlowSec utilizes detection protocols such as Netflow, IPfix and Sflow to export and sample data. We do not store or access user data in any way. We only extract the data from the IP header information and not the entire data packet.
No, we respect the privacy of your customers. FLowSec extracts only the IP header and not the entire data packet, Therefore we do not get and cannot see your user data.
FlowSec offers three different connectivity options:
  • Direct connect via L2 connection.
  • Virtual Private Network connection.
  • Secure Internet connection.
  • You can consult with a FlowSec expert who can help you to decide which type of connectivity suits your business needs.
    FlowSec automatically filters out all malicious requests that target L3/L4 and do not pass through port 80 and 443.
    No, our system requires very basic technical know-how. It is very easy to deploy and our cloud-based management application is extremely user friendly. Fee free to contact us for a no-obligation demo.
    Yes definitely. Today SMBs are a very easy target for attackers who look for narrow capacity, low bandwidth targets that do not have any security infrastructure in place. FlowSec is the ideal solution for SMBs who want enterprise-grade protection for a single IP at an affordable price.

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